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Solid architecture for CRUD (create / read / update / delete) interface which supports both PHP4 and PHP5. CakePHP is based on MVC structure and offers ability to get the complex applications done quickly.

CakePHP has become a mature framework from small to large scale website development projects. It offers plethora of features like caching, validation, authentication, database abstraction etc.

"Develop and maintain big applications in extensible architecture using CakePHP!"

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CakePHP is easy to use, flexible, powerful and well-accepted framework. The features like code generation and scaffolding tools, security, support for MySQL, Postgres, MSSQL and SQLite has been attractive enough for a large community of developers. Cairo Web Design® is the most profound WordPress Web Development Company UK. Our programmers have more than 5 years of experience and have excelled in developing most complex application in timely manner using CakePHP framework. CakePHP certainly is one of the most scalable, robust and decorated framework with amazing performance and exceptional community support.

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