Case Study: Donation Website – AUCC

Aesthetics United Charity Conference (AUCC) is a website that is attempting to raise money for charity. There is an option on the site to Receive donations for upcoming events. For those who wish to stand out from the crowd and have their contribution acknowledged, the Rising Star program allows nominations of future aesthetic industry leaders. We have added a Donation section that allows visitors to pay what they want for the event.

Aesthetics United Charity Conference

The Challenge

We had to build a site that would allow users from all over the world to gain access to the AUCC. We needed to give information about the conference in a clear and understandable format. It had to be the central hub where people could get all the details about the conference so that they don’t potentially get any false news or facts from elsewhere

Solutions we offered

Branding - We had to make sure that visitors to the site know exactly what they are looking at, even if they were unfamiliar with the Aesthetics United Charity. We took the colour scheme of the Aesthetics United Charity and applied it to the website. Meanwhile, the hands holding the plus sign shows how these industry leaders of aesthetic design can improve us as people.

Charity Conference Website Design - With the logo and colour scheme confirmed, we needed to make sure the website design was clean and understandable. This process is the one we normally take when helping create these sites.

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Success Rate

Aesthetics United Charity Conference was compleated on time and within budget.



There are 15 different experts in the field of aesthetics that we are involved with the conference. There are authors like Alice Hart-Davis, surgeons like Dr Ash Labib and Dr Maryam Zamani, and Mrs Hannah and Mr Joby Russel - the founders of Glowday.


NHS-Member Charities

There are over 140 NHS-member charities represented at the conference, all under the NHS Charities Together. NHS Charities give £1million a day to the NHS, providing vital funds to help the NHS do more. Through NHS Charities Together member charities collaborate on nationwide fundraising and advocacy campaigns, such as celebrating the NHS Birthday every year on 5th July with the NHS Big Tea.

“The most important point to make about Cairo Web Design is that they delivered exactly what I agreed with Halton in our introductory conversation. They will keep working on your website until you are completely satisfied. I have every confidence in the relationship going forwards. A pleasure to work with. Thank you.”

Logical Business
Steve Winduss

The Process

Cairo Web Design have built a system that permits users to make an adjustable donation to the AUC, as well as register for the conference. The system needed to work with all sorts of different payment types as well as allowing users to upload information about the conference.

  • The Front-End Uploads
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay

Front End Upload

The Front-End Upload system allows users to submit information to the site. This means their contact information and how to register for the proper conference.

Apple Pay

Considering how popular Apple products are, we felt it only made sense to make sure that people could use Apple Pay to make sure that they could donate to the AUCC.

Google Pay

Similarly, we needed to make sure that those who prefer to use Google Pay could have a seamless experience in their donations. Whether this is done from a phone or through Chrome Pay, it allows the user to do it from any location.

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The website of the AUCC was built in order to show all necessary information to those interested in the field of aesthetics. Whether it is the information on the speakers and pros that will be speaking at it or the charities that the event benefits, we needed to make that information clear to everyone through our process of branding and website design.

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