Case Study: Membership Website – Med Sales Academy

Med Sales Academy is a platform that offers online clinical courses. Our client offers both videos and PDFs to students who decide to enroll and take the classes that are offered. We had to build a site that would protect both those PDFs and videos that are offered by the Academy.  To make that possible, we built a secure area where students can share videos and PDF documents without the user being able to download or copy any of the coursework.

Med Sales Academy

The Challenge

The challenge that we had to meet was just how to create a website that allowed students to access the PDFs and videos offered by the Academy, but protected the information from being taken and potentially spread elsewhere.

Solutions we offered

Branding - As with all websites, including a notable method of branding was important to the long-term health and prosperity of making one for Med Sales Academy. The logo had to speak to what sort of knowledge the site offered. The waves circling around the middle dot shows the clinical lessons that surround the inner knowledge of the site.

Medical Website Design - We had to make a theme that spoke to the professionalism and guidance offered by the academy. That’s why we went with a cooling light blue colour scheme and smooth logo that reminds people of the general slickness of the medical field.

Website Development - We had to build a system that allows for users to sign up for the variety of different courses that are offered on the site. In order to manage this, we needed to implement a registration option for visitors to make them members.

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Success Rate

The Grand Wedding was compleated on time and within budget.


Active Listings

Med Sales Academy will be offering 3x the Ophthalmic courses on Tuesday, September 1st, 2020.


Years Experience

Med Sales Academy has a combined 50 years of experience working in the industry with blue chip and independent companies.

“The most important point to make about Cairo Web Design is that they delivered exactly what I agreed with Halton in our introductory conversation. They will keep working on your website until you are completely satisfied. I have every confidence in the relationship going forwards. A pleasure to work with. Thank you.”

Logical Business
Steve Winduss
Med Sales Academy dashboard

The Process

Cairo Web Design designed a system that created a Secure Members Area that allows those who do sign up for the courses to access the protected content in a secure and safe manner.

  • Med Sales Academy will be offering 3x the Ophthalmic courses on Tuesday, September 1st, 2020.

  • Med Sales Academy has a combined 50 years of experience working in the industry with blue chip and independent companies.

  • There are 5 different categories of online courses, ranging from primary care to sales.


We had to build a system that allowed Med Sales Academy to sell their courses with memberships and recurring payments in a standard and professional manner.

Secure Members Area

Those memberships needed to be rewarded and secured so that the valuable information that the members are paying for does not escape out onto the rest of the internet. That is why we created a Secure Members Area so that they can access those courses without such a fear.

Convenient Payment Methods

Convenience is now a requirement for every website that offers services. That is why we set up compatibility with different types of payment methods. For those who prefer to use Apple pay on their iPhone, iPad or Mac, they have such an option. For those who prefer Google Pay, they too will have the option to become a member through that service as well.

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The website of Med Sales Academy was built to protect the various PDFs and videos that are on offer here. Through our forms of web development and design, we have made sure that members only can access these files while also being able to locate the correct courses more easily.

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