Case Study: Directory Website – Supercar Search Engine

The Supercar Search Engine allows users to look at supercars for hire. There are supercars from all the top tier holiday resorts. The Supercar Search Engine allows users to compare these supercars in a side-by-side view thanks to the built-in comparison option that we gave it. Every time a supercar is booked, the owner of the site makes revenue. The owner also makes revenue from the placed ads around the site.

The Challenge

The challenge that we faced with this site was to create a directory website that oozed the same sort of cool factor that inherently comes with these types of supercars. It also had to be the central hub that people could reliably go to in order to rent one of these supercars.

Solutions we offered

Branding - The branding of this directory website was one of the first and most crucial steps that we had to overcome in order to make this website prosperous. That’s they the logo immediately inspires the thoughts of the flashiest and most luxurious cars available.

Directory Website Design - Once we were sure that the logo displayed the core essence of the website, we moved on to the actual design of the website. We used the logo as the starting point, before drawing out the dotted lines as though it is a map leading the user to each new feature of the site.

Directory Website Development - The system that we built made sure that the owner could place ads around the website in order to make additional revenue. We also integrated an area that features certain cars and destinations, allowing for promotions and deals.

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Success Rate

Supercar Search Engine was completed on time and within budget.


Active Listings

On the 24/07/2020 Supercar Search Engine Directory had 2564 cars for hire. (can change at any time)


Member Types

This website has 1 member types.  Admin

“The most important point to make about Cairo Web Design is that they delivered exactly what I agreed with Halton in our introductory conversation. They will keep working on your website until you are completely satisfied. I have every confidence in the relationship going forwards. A pleasure to work with. Thank you.”

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Supercar Search Engine case study

The Process

Cairo Web Design built a system that allows the user to specify what location they are at, what sort of supercar is desired and one of the simplest booking systems on the web. Because this process is so easy, it allows all sorts of car enthusiasts to access these supercars at any location.

  • Comparison Feature

  • Affiliate Websites

  • Featured Area

Comparison Feature

For those who aren’t as involved in supercars who simply like to compare statistics, we felt that this feature would be nice for anyone. It might help settle that tough decision between a McLaren 570S and a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder.

Featured Area

As we mentioned earlier, the featured area allows for users to see the best deals and most popular supercars that are being rented out at any given time.

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Supercar Search Engine case study


The Supercar Search Engine website was made so that those who always wanted to drive these luxury cars, but didn’t have the opportunity previously, could go on vacation to areas around the world and rent one. The end result was a site that allows people to compare the different types of cars, see which ones are the most popular and connect their dream destinations and cars together. All while the owner of the site can make revenue from ad and third party revenue.

“Fab service Loved the end result Have recommended to many others Got other quotes but this by far the best I am one extremely happy customer.”

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