Case Study: Directory Website -Teaching In The USA

Teaching In The USA is a directory website that allows for people to post teaching jobs and receive teacher resumes. It works with an extensive list of schools across the United States in order to help teachers find new jobs. Schools can also look for qualified teachers by posting their required positions on the site.

The Challenge

The challenge that we faced when building this site was to garner a single place that both schools and teachers could return to in order to make contact with one another. Both sides needed to be able to share professional information about what they were looking for.

Solutions we offered

Branding - The branding and general design of the website needed to be made in such a way as to be memorable to visitors while also providing the professionalism that both teachers and schools could use. That is why we chose the opening book, as it represents the shared knowledge offered by both schools and the teachers they employ.

A Proper Directory Website Design - Once we confirm what the logo will look like, we start on the process to make the rest of the website fit the same aesthetic. In this case, we went with a red, white and blue colour scheme present all around the site.

Directory Website Development - We had to build a system that lets our client make a revenue for ads placed around the website by listing owners. We also integrated a membership option that enables the client to take recurring payments to add a listing to the site.

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Success Rate

The Grand Wedding was compleated on time and within budget.


Active Listings

As of August 24th, 2020, there are currently 1652 jobs listed. The three most popular categories are classroom teachers, instructional support and special education.


Member Types

This website has three member types.  Admin - User - Business Owner

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Teaching In The USA

The Process

Websites are Us has designed a system that allows members to create an account on Teaching In The USA while listing their own applications or jobs. This system includes methods such as:

  • Paid Members

  • Advertising Space

  • Recurring Payments

It Filters Popular Job Categories, Location and more.

Our website contains a variety of different categories that help both schools and teachers organize just what sort of role is required. These categories include options such as special education, administrators, classroom teachers and online teachers. Locations can also be filtered and sorted, allowing for teachers and schools to find local or national talent. Teachers can use this system to filter jobs that would best fit their desired situation.

Payments for Listing A Job

We had to build a system that would allow the site to make enough for maintenance. Therefore the schools and other sources that are looking to post a job needed to have some element of payments. Otherwise thousands of postings could have crashed the website and filled up the legitimate needs of these jobs.

Payments for Listing A Resume

In a similar vein to the above, we didn’t want unqualified people to overwhelm the site. This method allows teachers who truly have the sort of resume that schools are looking for to rise straight to the top and be seen by all.

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Teaching In The USA


Teaching In The USA was a website that was built from the ground up to provide a hub for teachers and schools to seek each other out. From the logo to the website development, we made sure that the UI and process for both parties was as easy and stress-free as possible.

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