HTML to WordPress Service

HTML Theme Installation Service

Complete HTML WordPress Installation, Theme Installation, Plugins Installation, Demo Data Setup, Setting up Theme Options, Adding the Logo, Blog Posts, Add content in Pages and Widgets.

This service is ideal if you bought an HTML theme and are a novice in WordPress that requires assistant in setting up your new HTML website. Do more of what you want and let us do all the rest.

HTML Installation

Besides a fresh copy of the HTML Template, we’ll make sure you’ll get the right editing permissions to upload images, videos, plugins with no hassle. We’ll configure your links structure for optimal site structure.

HTML Theme Installation Service
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HTML Theme Installation Service

Database Setup

You’ll get everything set up on your hosting service to be ready for a fresh HTML installation. You start clean and avoid future headaches.

Theme, Plugins & Demo Data Installation

We will install the theme and the required plugins to take full advantage of the product’s features. Moreover, we will configure the demo data so your site looks just like advertised.

HTML Theme Installation Service
HTML Theme Installation Service

Documentation & Customer support

We’re watching your back by being transparent and sharing every step of our process in a detailed document. You’ll also have direct access to one of our customer support fellows who will walk you through everything and answer all your questions.

Theme installation service, Cairo Web Design will do the hard work!

Use our search find the perfect theme and we will install it for you.

Get the HTML theme installation service and let us do the hard work

Have your new website up and running in no time.

Where to Find HTML Themes

When it comes to HTML themes, you can find free and paid themes. Although there is not an official repository of free HTML templates, there are several websites like Theme Forest that offer free Joomla templates. It’s worth mentioning that finding the right topic could be a bit tricky considering there are no extensive filtering options.

You can filter and view themes based on category so you can easily see nothing but themes for sites or choose to focus on magazine, e-commerce, portfolio or a different industry. Or browse through 1000s of templates using our theme template searcher.

Where to Find HTML Themes

DIY: WordPress template Guide

The templates, themes or themes, (they usually call them this way) are the face of your web page, what your visitors, readers or users see and wrap your publications with a distinctive appearance. WordPress has thousands of them for all tastes and choosing the right one for your website and its theme will be part of your success. I invite you to see the best premium templates, the best free templates and the pages to buy the premium templates.

Whether you are on a blog hosted on or have it on your own server,  you must know how to change the templatetheme or theme. The process is easy, do not worry, but if at any time you get involved or do not know where to shoot, you just have to contact me, I will be happy to help you.

Free or premium WordPress template

This is the first question and one of the most complicated, but I am sure you will leave convinced after my explanation. From my experience, I recommend that you choose a premium template unless you feel like the fascinating process of editing WordPress code, which can be very satisfying (and time-consuming). Why? I recommend a premium WordPress template  because:

  • Its prices are laughable: The prices are so low for something so well done, that I would never think of anything else (someone who has played with free templates tells you). We are talking about amounts between € 30 and € 60. In addition to the time you are going to save, the result will be much better with a very similar effort.
  • Its features span many configurations: Free templates generally come with basic features implemented, enough for many bloggers just starting out. However, for more advanced functions that we are going to need, it will have to be done through code or plugins. It is much more convenient to have everything included in the control panel.

Adaptive Template Web Design

Regardless of the type of web page or blog that you are going to develop in WordPress, there is a feature that should be mandatory when choosing the template: Responsive Web Design, or what is the same, adaptive web design. Internet users are connecting more and more from their mobile phone or tablet, so web pages must know how to adapt to new connection modalities.

Each terminal has its own characteristics and screen resolutions that make the display of a website different. This involves giving a return to the approach of creating the page web to better anticipate the various constraints related to each bracket. Adaptive web design is currently an inescapable solution if you want to keep a good presence on the internet and whatever the navigation medium used by the netizen.

But how do you know if a theme is adaptable to different devices? Typically, make it clear ” responsive design ” or ” responsive design ” in the featured image or in the template description, although it is best to get wet and try the template demo yourself from various devices (you can use these tools to test a web page on mobile devices ).

If it happens that you had created the website or blog and you need to use a template that is not responsive or you have bought a theme that is not adaptable, there are WordPress plugins such as WPTouch, which create an adapted version of the page to any mobile device (in fact, it has a very interesting PRO version).

Template customization and editing level

If you don’t want to get your hands dirty by editing your WordPress template code, find one that offers all the features you need:

  • Easily change the font and colour schemes: Templates are usually very limited in this regard, although there are certain templates that allow you to choose from hundreds of families of GoogleFonts fonts.
  • Have sidebars, both on the left and on the right: Depending on how much extra content you want to show through widgets, this point is more important than it seems, especially if you want a dynamic page, with calls to action that invite the user to continue browsing our page.
  • Easy customization of the header of your website or blog: It may seem like a “beginner”, but there are still WordPress templates on the market that do not make this step easy and comfortable. You need a WordPress template that allows you to locate your logo and the title of your page well without too many size restrictions.
  • Blog section with a modern and functional design: If the home page is great but the blog is in chaos, forget about that template.
  • Customizable contact forms and comments: Although this point is not so important, because there are plugins that do a good job in this aspect without too much load for the page, as always it is better to “come from the factory”, which will allow you to have pages faster and receive opinions and connect with your readers in closer and personal way.
  • Good support for video and integration with YouTube and Vimeo: It is important that when embedding a video it is adaptable, that the player window adjusts to the size, just like the rest of your responsive template.
  • Varied of Shortcodes: The shortcodes are small phrases of code that allow us to present the contents of different visual ways and in a simple way.
  • Integration of options for social networks: It is important that the user can easily share the content on social networks.
  • Predefined page layouts: When creating a new page, it is important that the WordPress template has layouts ( templates ) that you can choose from to quickly organize the functions: contact page, the home page, portfolio, full-width size page

Support to solve your doubts

This section is practically for the exclusive use of payment templates and not everyone needs it, but there are cases in which it is a critical factor. If you are a person with little experience, surely you need someone who is there to answer your questions when you install and configure your WordPress.

Accessible and complete documentation

Throughout the installation and configuration process, it is normal to encounter problems, especially in templates with many customization options or advanced functionalities. Make sure the topic is well documented so you can move forward without brushing your teeth at every step.
Note: Observe when it was the last time the template was updated, avoid topics that are not updated frequently

Positive reviews and opinions

On paper, the topic may seem better or worse, but there is nothing like reading the opinions of users who have already used it. It will help you know if you have serious problems or if there are major complaints that are not being resolved.

Once you have chosen a quality template, do not give pro pages that I will recommend are to buy premium or paid themes. All 3 offer very good prices and high-quality templates.

  • Elegant Themes
  • Themeforest
  • Themify
If you are thinking of creating a company website using  WordPress, you will need a professional-quality template with the necessary functionalities for your business to be successful on the Internet. To help you find the right template for your company, I have compiled what I think are the best WordPress Premium Themes. Most of the selected templates have a beautiful design, with ease of customization (background colour, logo, buttons, …), with the best web programming techniques such as HTML5 and CSS3 languages, with easy to implement functionalities for you (dynamic banners, contact forms, …), Responsive version, so that your website can be seen on all mobile devices, with the possibility of SEO optimization and drag-and-drop support (click and drop, ideal for uploading images from your PC to your theme).

They are newly developed WordPress Premium templates, therefore, with the latest code and implementation techniques. The fact that they have a web design adapted to mobile phones or Responsive Design makes these WordPress Premium Themes follow the new design trends. This ensures that your website will automatically adapt to any type of device screen that the visitor is using to navigate through it (iPhones, iPods, smartphones, laptops, …).

As more and more people browse mobile devices on the Internet for information, this is the biggest trend in web design this year. Another advantage of using one of the templates in this collection is that they can work correctly with the most important and necessary WordPress plugins (extensions) today for any company website. For example, if your business needs to make online sales, in our list you will find themes that are compatible with WordPress eCommerce plugins such as  WooCommerce, with which you will easily have a complete virtual store and with all the necessary features so that you can sell all kinds of products or services online. In addition, the compatibility of these templates with similar extensions will allow you to easily integrate shopping carts, payment gateways, shipping options, order management, and much more on your page.

Fortunately, there are a plethora of amazing and useful premium WordPress themes created specifically for news web pages, magazines or even pages that combine news and magazine at the same time. I have compiled the best WordPress themes for magazines and newspapers, which will surely help you save time when choosing the most suitable theme for your company.

Normally, when you go to buy a template or download one from the WordPress repository, it will be in the form of a compressed file (.zip). You download it, unzip it on your computer and you will see – one of two – a folder or a simple file. In some cases it will be accompanied by a  text file with explanations about its use and installation, I recommend that you always read it.

Unzip the files you have downloaded and reviewed them

The main WordPress theme file is usually a file with a .php extension where, if you open it with a text editor, you will see that it also usually gives information about its function, author, version, etc. This information is what is usually displayed in the plugin administration window of your blog.


If your website is hosted on the server, the templates are more restricted than on your own hosting. Being a free service, we cannot install new themes, whether free or paid. It only allows you to choose between the immense variety of free or paid templates that WordPress offers. In fact, it allows us to choose from almost 500 templates. The process is very easy, and also WordPress offers you 2 options.

Install the template when you create a new free blog

The first option is during the process of creating a new free blog on When you click on the “Add new WordPress” button, you immediately get the option to install a template. This makes the process easier for novice users as you can get the theme ready to go in just a few steps.

When you create a new free blog on WordPress you have the option to choose the template directly

Install a WordPress template from admin panel

This option is the most common since a new blog is not always created. To change or install a new template in your WordPress installation, go to the main menu in ” Personalize “, on the left side, and click on the ” Themes ” section. Choose the theme that you like the most from the wide variety. It has a search engine, useful if we have been advised of the name of a template to quickly locate it among the 402. It is also classified by trends, popular topics and news. Once you have chosen the template, the process is simple: hover your mouse over the template and click the “Preview” button that appears above the image.

Install the template from the administrator in “Customize> Themes” by clicking on “Preview”
Configure the template of your WordPress installation: Colors, backgrounds, menu, etc … and click on “Save and activate”
Once satisfied, click on “Test and customize”

If you have your own hosting, which I recommend, it means that you are using (know the differences between and ) and that the possibilities increase a lot, since you can install the free or premium templates you want. For this, you have to follow some very easy steps

Install the template from the WordPress admin panel

In fact, it can be done without leaving the WordPress admin panel. To carry out this process, once you have the template in zip format, either free or paid, go to the same site, but now select the ” Upload topic ” option.

To install a template in .zip format click on “Upload Theme”
Click on “Add new” at the top
Click on “Select file”, select the location on your template PC and click on “Install now”
Click on “Activate” to enjoy your new template

Install the template via an FTP client

If for any reason (sometimes it happens) the template installation fails, you have another option that never fails. The first thing of all is to have an FTP client for the site. In the vast majority of hosting you can create it yourself. If you don’t know, ask the company with which you have contracted hosting for help. Then you will need a program to connect to the server, for example, the FileZilla FTP client (choose the client option), which is free and very easy to use.

Before uploading the template or theme files, read the readme file carefully for any special instructions. Also, you will have to have unzipped it in a folder that will normally have the name of the template. On the server we go to the public folder, usually “public html “, and look for the ” wp-content / themes ” folder. In this directory where you will upload the new template from your computer.

Choose the folder of your hosting that contains the public files (usually public html or something similar)
Choose the “wp-content” folder
Choose the “themes” folder

Select the template ( already unzipped ) and drag it to that folder

Once this step is done, go to the menu ” Appearance> Themes ” and the template you just uploaded should appear. If yes, we activate the theme and we’re done. If not, we check the readme and check that we have uploaded all the files inside the theme folder.

Install the template from the official WordPress repository

When installing a template from the official WordPress repository, go to ” Appearance> Themes “, where you will have direct access to the free WordPress template repository. If that is your desire (I recommend that you invest some money in a premium template, they are not expensive and will give a very interesting look to your website or blog), find the one that you like the most and click on « Install «.

Choose the free WordPress repository template that you like the most and click “Install”

Click on “Activate” to enjoy your new template

Whichever option you choose, they are all easy to execute. From my experience, the option to upload the template from WordPress sometimes gives an error, so you learn how to do it through the FTP client, because that way you can do this and many other things, without having to touch anything in the administrator WordPress. If you liked the article, share it and add a comment with any doubts or questions.

Download and install your WordPress theme quickly and easily

As you can see, whether it is a theme or a theme, the process is easy and fast. Use this guide to learn the points to keep in mind so that you do not have problems or errors of any kind. I have a lot of experience in this field and sometimes, if it doesn’t work out for you, the best thing is to leave it to a professional who, for little money, will do it quickly.

The 10 Best CMS Themes to Install 2020

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