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Magento Theme Installation Service

Complete Magento Installation, Magento Theme Installation, Plugins Installation, Demo Data Setup, Setting up Theme Options, Adding the Logo, Blog Posts, Add content in Pages and Widgets.

This service is ideal if you bought a Magento theme and are a novice in Magento that requires assistant in setting up your new Magento website. Do more of what you want and let us do all the rest.

Magento Installation

Besides a fresh copy of the Magento Template, we’ll make sure you’ll get the right editing permissions to upload images, videos, plugins with no hassle. We’ll configure your links structure for optimal site structure.

Magento Theme Installation Service
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Magento Theme Installation Service

Database Setup

You’ll get everything set up on your hosting service to be ready for a fresh Magento installation. You start clean and avoid future headaches.

Theme, Plugins & Demo Data Installation

We will install the theme and the required plugins to take full advantage of the product’s features. Moreover, we will configure the demo data so your site looks just like advertised.

Magento Theme Installation Service
Magento Theme Installation Service

Documentation & Customer support

We’re watching your back by being transparent and sharing every step of our process in a detailed document. You’ll also have direct access to one of our customer support fellows who will walk you through everything and answer all your questions.

Theme installation service, Cairo Web Design will do the hard work!

Use our search find the perfect theme and we will install it for you.

Get the Magento theme installation service and let us do the hard work

Have your new website up and running in no time.

Where to Find Magento Themes

When it comes to Magento themes, you can find free and paid themes. Although there is not an official repository of free Magento templates, there are several websites like Theme Forest that offer free Magento templates. It’s worth mentioning that finding the right topic could be a bit tricky considering there are no extensive filtering options.

You can filter and view themes based on category so you can easily see nothing but themes for sites or choose to focus on magazine, e-commerce, portfolio or a different industry. Or browse through 1000s of templates using our theme template searcher.

Need help with a Magento 2 store setup or customisation?

After you have successfully installed your Magento 2 store, it is common to try new Themes. In this new version of Magento we have 3 different ways to install a new theme.

In part 1 of this tutorial we will see the step-by-step installation by package – I believe it is the most common one – where you download a zipped package with all the theme files.

As soon as you install your system version, your deploy is set to: default

The ideal, while you are developing and preparing your store, is to configure your deploy to: developer

This will make a big difference in your debugging, solving problems, managing cache, etc. It is not a mandatory step, especially if it is still in default mode .

After you have purchased / downloaded your Theme, it is time to unzip the file and move to the Magento directory.

Tip: On the ThemeForest website you will find incredible themes!

When unzipping the file, you must have a folder with the name of the Company / Seller, within this, a folder with the name of the Theme, and within the theme, the files that comprise it.

Copy the Company / Seller folder into your Magento 2 installation, in the directory:

It is also worth mentioning that some themes have their own modules, which need to be installed for the theme to work properly. In this case, you need to find (when unzipping) a directory similar to the name of the Company / Seller, and within it the modules.

The process will be similar to the previous one, moving the directory with the name of the Company / Seller (containing the modules) to: /app/code/…aqui…

Whenever you access your Admin (or update the page), the system queries the database to identify in the session which modules and configurations should be loaded. This includes Themes.

Therefore, if your theme is not appearing as an option in the backend, log out/log in again, or try to refresh the page.

In your system administration screen, navigate the menu:

If the new theme appears as a configuration option, the installation is complete.

The 10 Best Magento Themes to Install 2020

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