Yii PHP Framework

For Designing Complex Web Applications

Yii means Yes it is! A perfect choice for any sized project. Any questions one may have in terms of performance, security, quality, technology or scalability are all answered with this awesome Yii framework written in PHP5.

Building a fairly simple website or a highly complex website application is made easy with Yii Framework, as it offers efficient resources, detailed documentation to create extremely efficient and extensible end product.

"Extremely impressive performance metrics compared to the other PHP-based frameworks."

High performance Web Development

Rich Feature Set to improve development efficiency

yii web development Company UK

Cairo Web Design®, the leading Yii Web Development Company, offering highly efficient and experienced programmers for developing your next website or enterprise web application in this exceptional framework Yii! Yii PHP Framework incorporates many ideas from well-known frameworks and applications like ROR, Prado, jQuery, Symfony and Joomla. MVC architecture, hierarchical role based access control(RBAC), AJAX enabled widgets, automatic generation of complex WDSL service specifications, error handling and logging, layered caching and security to prevent SQL injections, XSS, CSRF and cookie tempering are some of the very attractive features of Yii.

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